Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Lucy Flying her first kite up at Mesa Verde Colorado

Lily at the cabin

Here is Lily 18 1/2 months old at our cabin at Mesa Verde enjoying a popcicle.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preggo Me

Leah asked me to post a picture of me Pregnant, So.... Here we go. This was taken about 6 weeks ago at Colonial Williamsburg in VA.

pictues of my girls!

Here are a few cute recent pictures of the girls!

Friday, May 9, 2008

We have Internet!!

Welcome back to the 21 st Century.. We finally have internet again! I just looked at the Atkin Fam blog for the first time, and it looks great everyone. I hadnt realized lately how much I missed Kurtis until I read those memories and saw those pictures. I really love and miss him. Anyway we are in a small cabin at the base of Mesa Verde Colorado about an hour and a half from where Max's Mom lives. We are getting settled and getting ready for our Son to be born. We have about 5 weeks until the Due date but we are thinking that he will be a little early. We shall see. Max is liking his new position as executive Chef at Mesa Verde National state park, but has to work TONS of hours which makes it a little hard, but we are grateful this position presented itself when it did. The Girls are doing great, just as energetic and crazy as ever. and I am just ready to be done being pregnant for a while, and ready for our Noah to be here. We love you all and even though our connection here is slow, I am going to try and log on a few times a week to keep in touch.